The Volzhenka Effect

Caviar has been associated with luxury and success ever since these divine eggs were discovered in Astrakhan five hundred years ago. Originating from the “City of Caviar”, Volzhenka is driven by three key values – quality, authenticity, and sustainability – creating the world’s most exquisite caviar.


Volzhenka Caviar hosted a party to introduce local caviar-enthusiasts to the delicious tastes of Volzhenka Caviar. Guests sipped on champagne and enjoyed exquisite caviar tasting, all while learning about the important history of Volzhenka.

Refreshing Tradition

Our mission is simple: to produce the world’s finest caviar. We are committed to fulfilling this ethically and responsibly. Read our story and share our values. Discover how our dedication to refreshing Astrakhan’s guarded traditions allows Volzhenka to produce the world’s finest caviar.